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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Our Adventure continued.

On Sunday we went with the cousins to see the Mormon Batallion Visitors Center.  It was really fascinating.  We panned for gold, went in a covered wagon, watched a movie with ghosts in it... and had a lot of fun.  We learned a lot about the early Mormons who came to California and all the struggles and problems that they had, but how they triumphed over them all.  They were pretty brave.

Panning for gold with cousin Nikki.

Being part of the batallion, and getting all dressed up for it.  They really didn't have much.  Their shoes wore out and it took longer than they thought, but they still marched even when the United States hadn't been very nice to the Mormon people.

All of us looking for gold.  We were able to take some home.

In the covered wagon.  There sure isn't a lot of room in here.  Where would Lilly and I put all our toys?

A lot of the cousins had to leave on Sunday, but our family stayed a day longer.  So on Monday we went back to Sea World.  Mommy has a tradition of buying a pearl wherever they go on vacation if she can find them, so I got to have one too.  I didn't want Mommy to take my picture, but I did have fun watching them open the oyster and find the pearl.

You could pick your own oyster from the bucket and then you tapped on the oyster three times and said, ALOHA and then they rang a bell.  After that they cut it opened.  My pearl was really pretty.

We had a delicious lunch of Ribs from the restaurant.  It was so tasty.

And we even shared a shamu cookie.  We had one of these when I was here last for my birthday.  It was fun to eat it again and I think it was just as yummy!  I am holding my new sword, but I lost it a little later.   I was pretty sad about that.

I didn't want to be left out from finding a pearl in an oyster, so Mommy let me pick hers out!

And of course you can't go to Sea World without seeing Shamu and his show.  It was so cool.  He sure eats a lot of squid and fish.

I was getting a little tired so I sat on Daddy's lap.  We were down where we could get splashed, but we didn't really get wet.

What does S. O. S. stand for anyway?  Sick of Sand?

Mommy always says we add a little "spice"to her life.  Now here is the proof. 

Seeing the penguins was fun.  This guy was furry, and didn't even waddle very much.  We had so much fun.  We loved Sea World and would really like to visit there again someday!

Oh.  I almost forgot.  Mommy and Daddy's big problem on the trip was that their suitcase fell out on the freeway.   Daddy went back to look for it, but it was gone.  We were all pretty sad.  It had our favorite books... George and Silvia and Over the Rainbow and the Book of Mormon in it, but it was a good lesson too, because things can always be replaced but not people.  Mommy was Very grateful that the camera wasn't in the suitcase!  Even with all the commotion we all had a fun time with family.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Family Adventure to California

We went on a much needed vacation with some of our family on Daddy's side.  We went to california.  Aunt Sasha went through a lot of work to find this really cool beach house that we stayed at.  It was awesome.  Lilly and I had so much fun.  We went to the beach, visited Sea World, went to the Mormon Batallion.  There were so many cool things to see and do.  We loved the beach even though it was a little cold.

There was a very good breeze, so Mommy got out the kite to let me fly it.  I had fun.

It flew so high.  I loved watching it.

Here we are in the Polar Bears cave.  Look out.  You don't want to get eaten!

What big feet you have...  The better to run on the snow and ice and chase you with!

We fed and were able to pet th bat rays.  They are so smooth and soft.  Their mouths suck the food right out of your hand.  They were very interesting.

I even got wet too.  With Daddy I wasn't too scared to put my hands in.

These are some of our cousins who came on the trip too.  Our cousins are the coolest and the best!

Hey, I think I remember this mirror from the last time we were here.

More fun at the beach.  Nothing like sand between your fingers and toes!

I found a lot of sand crabs and regular crabs.  We tried to bring some home, but they died.  I guess we should always leave things where they belong.  They were really fun to watch though!

Here are all the cousins that came.  We found this huge sea plant  and hauled it up on the beach.  We LOVE the beach!

Finally in our suits and ready to get a little wet.  Even without the sun we still had a lot of fun.

I love my Mommy.

Aren't I a little sweetheart.  Mommy wanted a picture of me in a white dress, but I didn't really want to do it.  I finally put it on though and I actually had fun.

Mommy and I  in our white outfits.

I found a seashell.

Can I just say that I love the beach and I don't think I ever want to leave.

Daddy and his brothers went body surfing and had a fun time.  Good thing they didn't see any sharks!

Our little family.  We had an awesome time and loved being with family and having all these geat adventures.  We hope we can go on many more!

Friday, October 1, 2010

How fast they grow

I know probably every mom says this, but I just can't believe how fast the kids grow.  This picture of Lilly reminds me of her crusties she gave when she was little.  Now she smiles a lot, but that wasn't the case before.  I love her eyes.  She really is a joy to have around and I love her so much.

So Serious.

This guy here, what can I say?...  A real litte man.  He often tells me when he grows up he wants to drive a tank, but not be in the army.  He makes me laugh so often, that without his bit of humor, I feel my life would be quite dull.   I love the squinty eye.
Don't mess with me.

 These pictures I took because I wanted to have a matching set for my wall, which I still need to get up.  Timmy  really is such a big boy now.
All boy.

 Lilly looks so peacful here. I miss her locks, but I am finding that the short hair is still cute and she will always be beautiful no matter what,.  I love how big her eyes are.
Who me?

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Our Scissor Fiasco!

(Mommy)...So while I was busy in the bathroom, I hear Timmy yelling to me.... "Mommy, look at how handsome my hair is." So of course I finish doing my business and come out and find this.

So, I had to use the number 2 on the buzzer, with the shortest blade selection. He asked me if he was going to be bald and I pretty much told him yes, and if I had to buzz Lilly's hair, then I would shave all of his off!!!

It turns out that Timmy, after cutting his own hair, gave (shared) the scissor with dear Lilly, who proceeded to do this to her hair.

Need I say how upset I was. She had the perfect hair. It was fine, but thick and I could pretty much do anything to it. French rolls, braids, cute little things....And when it was wet it was passed the middle of her back.

This was all the locks that fell on the floor. I don't know how much I had to cut off, but it was crazy. I really tried to do an a-line, but I couldn't get it to blend with where she cut it off, so I finally decided to buckle down and just cut it off.
The evidence....The incriminating scissors and the locks of hair found in the half-bath.
Lilly's saved lock of hair from her first haircut. Which I may have already lost.
Lilly's back of the head shot. Not too bad. But I told her we would be wearing a lot of flowers and headbands.
I don't think she was near as sad about the short hair as I was... When daddy came home....he said she looked like Peter Pan....Lilly lauhged and said in a singsong voice.... " I look like Peter Pan. He he he."
ken also said when he came home... "well, I always wanted another boy!" I am glad I was able to keep the top long. And everyone says all kids cut their hair at least once, so I am hopefull that this will never happen again, unless it is planned by me. :)

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Mommy took a picture of me for my first day. I have a pack-pack and everything. I am so excited for school.

We had to line up and wait for our teacher to come and get us. The play ground was a lot of fun.

This is my teacher Mrs. Wolfe and me. I think she is very nice. She told me a secret... That I'm smart.

So it really has been a long time. Today was my first day of Kindergarten! I am going to Highland Elementary and I had such a fun time. Mommy and I walked there. We had to walk a little fast so I wouldn't be late. My teacher's name is Mrs. Wolfe, but she doesn't look at all like a wolf. She is very nice too. I learned about all sorts of things today and made some new friends. We didn't get a snack though. I am such a big boy now. I don't get to ride the bus like I would have at the old house, but it was fun walking. Hip Hip Horray for Kindergarten. :)

A note from Mommy.
I have to say that I was very excited for Timmy to go to school. I loved kindergarted and my teacher Mrs. Northrup. It was so much fun. The learning, the playing, and we did get snacks. I sure hope that Timmy has a thirst for knowledge and a love for reading. I am proud of you Timms and love you so much. You are growing up so fast. I know that you will have a lot of fun you smart boy you.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Here is the first of several entries of our trip to California. More to come soon.